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by Alienatör

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Justin@BlindMouse These guys capture the moment you unwittingly rub your eyes whilst chopping chillies. The angst, the panic. The heat. The frantic maneuvers to find a cure for your conundrum!! Alienatör take those condensed moments and draw them out for a volatile album that will have you racing about, screaming at the sky!! Favorite track: The Less Dead.
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A revisionist history Might make you feel proud Like you never compromised Stood apart from the crowd You were never a liar Never cowered and hid Took responsibility For the damage you did Your revisionist history Isn’t hollow at all Never struggled or faltered Always made the right call Your actions were justified Moral high ground was yours Never dwelled in the gutter Never grovelled or whored Keep digging as fast as your can We’ll never unravel your scam You’re right at the top of your game No need for decorum or shame The writing’s nowhere on the wall You never will fall
Loss Leader 04:03
Grief, time is a thief Our existences tragic and brief Consumed by the secrets we keep Bringing suffering without relief Holes left in our lives And guilt of those who survive Against a rising tide Processions of ghosts trail behind Rest in peace May death be your release Pain, hold back the pain Fentanyl flows through your veins Choirs of angels refrain More voices we won't hear again
Smash your fists into a concrete wall Small and helpless no one cares at all Apoplectic when you’re filled with rage Using violence as a pressure gauge Blood in blood out I’ll give you something to cry about Blood in blood out I’ll give you something to cry about Blood red blood red blood It starts to boil and clouds your vision Blood red blood red blood Leaking out from the incision In the mirror you see an awful lack Cannot stand the face that’s staring back Seething anger nowhere else to hide Hatred fills the emptiness inside IV bags are dripping blood red blood Disinfectant and rubber gloves Brought back screaming to a life of pain Sanguine fluid circling the drain
Regrets 03:44
Lies that I believed Giving in to jealousy and greed To my loves I paid no heed And turned my friends into enemies Lives I couldn't save Buried our hopes in shallow graves Like photographs destroyed by age Fading out now into grey Pride got in the way Held back words I couldn't say And paths from which I strayed I was wrong I was afraid
The Priest 05:30
Sometimes a man Is not what he appears Sometimes behind those kindly eyes is the Sum of all our fears Sometimes a man Opens his arms out wide Lures his prey to spider webs and then he Catches them inside. Ralph Rowe Wolves tending sheep Ralph Rowe Of whom we do not speak Sometimes a beast is hidden in plain sight Burrows in beneath your skin and then he Tucks you in at night Sometimes the blood is on our hands We placate and venerate These gods that walk as man Ralph Rowe Our lips are sealed Virulent All sins concealed Destroyed Our innocence Men of god No recompense Rage burns Behind this mask of tears Held back For countless years. Broken trust A broken vow Broken hearts Die without a sound
Taken out on a starlight tour Protect and serve except for the poor The elite march the pigs off to war Less dead in the eyes of the law. Murdering with impunity Less dead in the eyes of the law. Those on the margins of society Less dead in the eyes of the law Violating your moral code Hypocrisy is a heavy load Humanity and compassion corrode Less dead in the eyes of the law Missing murdered and cast aside Lingering memories of genocide No one’s listening justice denied Less dead in the eyes of the law
Watching the death tolls rise Won’t believe your lying eyes Terror spreads across the land Tuck your head down in the sand Flat earth society Deny reality Post truth conspiracy Flat earth society Gaslit by narcissists Peddling their influence Confirmation bias reigns Makes echo chambers in our brains Flat earth society Deny reality Post truth conspiracy Flat earth society Now the din is getting louder It’s ringing in my ears Algorithms form a worldview Play on our ignorance and fear Bowing down before your masters While bragging how you’re living free We fight this war for information To feed their avarice and greed Moral compasses are misaligned We’re cut adrift upon the sea Swallowing their propaganda We’re vectors spreading their disease Let their truth absolve your sins With snake oil sold by charlatans Wrong of history of our history We’ve weaponized stupidity
Stand tall and salute the flag A country built on unmarked graves Each day there’s more truth revealed Picks at wounds never healed Better for our mental health To point the finger at someone else White guilt is in vogue this year What makes you think they should believe our tears? Church or state We can’t decide To pin abuse We can’t abide So detached From what’s been done Apologies Won’t wash away this blood Biases that we all deny You’re looking yellow through a jaundiced eye The system’s fixed for our benefit Still don’t know why you can’t get it over it Pushed it down kept it wrapped up tight Our bigotry was always so polite Turn the page and we turn the screws Looks like our chickens coming home to roost Taken down By the hidden hand Stolen lives And stolen land The silences Are deafening Just the virtues that We feel like signaling Gave an inch We took a mile This history We cannot reconcile Irreconcilable
Your Funeral 03:20
Splattered like an insect across the windshield of life Across the tracks a thousand backs Just waiting for the knife Good intentions shot to hell Like pennies down a wishing well Everything will work out fine Get back on the assembly line Breakfast of failures Pour it in your cup Still got a conscience It’s just how you shut it up Yesterday you cashed your pay Now you’re already broke Our system’s been designed to fail for those who need it most. We’ve learned to fake sincerity To grovel for their charity Just blend into the scenery You’re part of the machinery The nail that sticks up Get hammered down From the cradle Til we’re six feet under ground Thought we were special Now we know the truth Traded in our dignity And gave away our youth We’re fuel for the fire we’re meat for the stew Keep looking forward whatever you do Applying the blinders to keep us on task Here’s to our future how long will it last The dice were loaded It’s useless to pretend What used to feel like everything was nothing in the end Burning our candles down to the nub This’ll be your elegy This’ll be your funeral
Wounded birds we fly so low We feel no love from the earth below Cast aside Bitterness inside We are the ones no one can know Wounded birds we fly so low We carry scars that do not show Cast aside Violence inside The more we live the less we know Wounded birds we fly so low We feel no love from the earth below Cast aside garbage inside We are the ones who can’t say… Cast aside Bitterness inside We are the ones who can’t say no
Dark Matters 04:09
Lie still relinquish control Despair Might swallow you whole Night terrors haunting your sleep Grasp at salvation that’s just out of reach Visions of yesterday Debts that you can’t repay Crushed by anxiety Can’t keep these dark thoughts at bay Folding up your hands to pray Depths of depravity coming undone Greek tragedy Misanthropy Haunted by specters of what you’ve become Deceit Better keep yourself hid Someone Might know what you did Night terrors haunting your sleep Your feelings anesthetized White knuckles, grinding your teeth Life flashing before your eyes Look at the state you’re in Soft and undisciplined You’re crawling inside your skin Just pretend it’s not happening Picturing faces of those you’ve betrayed Cognitive dissonance keeps you awake Ghosts of memories rattle their chains These plans you’ve laid Cave to the pressure or else you might break Darkest matters Silence shatters Left in tatters Stains and spatters Snakes and ladders Falling backward Nothing matters


released November 25, 2022

Brad King - vocals, guitar
Sean Skillen - bass, back-up vocals
Simon Paquette - drums

Music by Alienatör
Lyrics by Brad
Recorded and mixed by Sean Skillen at Exit Music Studio
Mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege
Album layout/design by Peter David Wragg

Alienatör acknowledges the support of the Canada Council for the Arts.


all rights reserved



Alienatör Thunder Bay, Ontario

Heavy music. Post-everything.

Brad King - vocals, guitar
Sean Skillen - bass, vocals
Simon Paquette - drums

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